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Beautiful Snow Farm Vineyard is located in South Hero, VT and enjoys the micro climate of Lake Champlain which makes the island an ideal area for growing grapes. Our growing season is similar to that of Burgundy, France. September and October is harvest time and here begins the wine making process for award winning Snow Farm wines. This is the perfect time and perfect place to learn about the wine making process from start to finish.

Stop by the Tasting Room in South Hero to find out what is being harvested that day. We grow over 15 varieties of grapes. Grapes are harvested by hand and transported back to the winery in buckets where they are weighed before being processed. Then, the red grapes are  de-stemmed and crushed, and the white grapes pressed. Fermentation of the wines varies from 4-5 days to as long as a month for certain white wines. After fermentation, wines are moved to either stainless steel tanks or oak barrels where they are aged. When the wine is ready it is bottled and labeled in our facility.  

Our Vermont made wines from the heart of the Champlain Islands can be enjoyed with many different types of foods, but perhaps pair best with other locally made products. A taste of place brings out special flavors like nothing else can, so while visiting, be sure to take in as much of those "made in Vermont" flavors as you can.



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