Take the Lake Champlain Ferry to the Vineyard

The Lake Champlain Ferry is a great way to come over the lake to visit one of Vermont's premier destinations. Snow Farm Vineyard is located on the back roads of Grand Isle. It's a beautiful ride over the lake. On the ferry, you are allowed to get out of your car and walk around. Keep a close eye on the water you may see Champ!

The Lake Champlain Ferry is open year-round and is a fun ride down and back, especially after a wine tasting. Boarding as a pedestrian and leaving your car in the parking lot you can ride over and back across Lake Champlain on the ferry. On a blue-sky day, the views from the deck are spectacular! 
Lake Champlain Ferry FoliageLake Champlain Ferry Photo courtesy of Snow Farm Vineyard

From the ferry you can see Valcour island and the Narrows between South Hero and Providence island. The Narrows is one of the entryways to Crescent Bay. A place commonly known for mermaid sitings!

Lake Champlain FerryPhoto courtesy of ferries.com

With a car, there are only three ways to get to the island of Grand Isle and the town of South Hero where our vineyard is located. From a drawbridge to the North coming down Route 2 or from the land bridge to the South crossing over the Sandbar on Route 2. The most fun way to come is by boat ride across the Lake Champlain Ferry from Cumberland Head to Grand Isle.

Enjoy the Lake Champlain FerryA A Reward After Your Lake Champlain Ferry Ride - courtesy of Snow Farm Vineyard

Of course, you can always come by a boat of your own device, or like the photo above paddle over by kayak or better yet with a mermaid in a kayak! At Snow Farm Vineyard it's all about the grapes. Some of these perfectly pictured Seyval grapes are growing to impress you.  

Lake Champlain Ferry VineyardPhoto courtesy of Snow Farm Vineyard

Lake Champlain Ferry MapThe Lake Champlain Ferry has a schedule that you can find at ferries.com.

The website has rates and restrictions listed to show how much per car and additional occupants.

There are directions for parking if you are going to be boarding the ferry as a pedestrian to enjoy the scenic views from the upper deck.

Look into taking the Lake Champlain Ferry to the Vineyard today. 

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