20 Vermont Maple Product Gifts for the Maple Fanatic

We've been making maple syrup for decades in Vermont. We know maple. We might call ourselves maple fanatics, but so would most Vermonters, so we're in good company.

If you're looking for a gift idea that will be both thoughtful and useful to your loved ones, you can't go wrong with maple product gifts. Especially for those who have a healthy maple obsession, even addiction.

Below are some go-to gifts for those who appreciate the sweet taste of pure maple syrup year-round. Plus, some non-edible options for people you know would love to show off their Vermont maple pride!

Vermont Maple Product Gifts You Can Eat

If you are trying to find a gift idea that would be both thoughtful and practical, then look no further than this list of delightfully edible maple product gifts.

Maple Syrup, Obviously

You can't go wrong with the straight stuff. We sell our own Fox Hill maple syrup at our tasting room, and you can also find plenty of Vermont sugarmakers selling online too. 

Maple Cream and Maple Candy

Delicious on toast or a donut, maple cream is a lot like maple frosting. Yum. Maple leaf candies make great stocking stuffers and are full of melt-in-your-mouth maple flavor. Many Vermont sugarmakers sell maple cream and candy online. You'll find our very own maple cream and candy at our tasting room in South Hero

vermont maple product gifts

Make Maple Popcorn 

It's always special to make and receive homemade gifts for the holidays. Maple popcorn is super easy to make, affordable, and sweet way to show someone you're thinking of them. Package it creatively, it will be a truly delicious gift from the heart!

Maple Liqueur

Metcalfe's Vermont Maple Liqueur and Boyden Valley's Maple Cream Liqueur are both top notch and are absolutely divine served over ice. 

Maple Beer 

In our neck of the woods, the most popular maple beer is 14th Star's Maple Breakfast Stout. It's an oatmeal stout brewed with local maple syrup and cold brew coffee.

vermont maple product gifts wine

Maple Wine

Our Snow Farm Vineyard Fox Hill Maple is a sweet blend of our Seyval Blanc and maple wine produced from our own maple trees behind the winery. With just a touch of sweetness, it's a wine you'll savor.

Vermont Maple Festival Cookbook

Good luck deciding how to use your precious maple syrup supply. Every recipe in this Vermont Maple Festival Cookbook uses maple and is tested and proven to be delicious by Vermont sugarmakers.

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Maple Barbeque and Grilling Sauce

Made by the Branon Family Maple Orchards with pure maple syrup, maple vinegar, and spices to create a craft a rich, tangy sauce.

Maple Jelly

Peanut butter and maple jelly!? Weird, but we're in. This maple jelly from Maple Hill Farm is also a great companion to cheese, crackers and charcuterie. 

vermont maple product gifts

Vermont Maple Gifts to Show your Maple Pride

For the maple fanatic in your life, surprise them with a new way to show off their maple devotion.

Vermont Maple Swag

The Vermont Maple Sugarer's Association sells Vermont Maple hoodies, t-shirts, and hats with the new Vermont maple emblem.

Sap Bucket Flower Pot or Gift Basket

For the gardener and maple enthusiast, get an antique sap bucket and pop some annual seed packets in them or other gifts. You'll bring some welcome creativity to their spring days. If you're feeling creative yourself, you could paint it first!

Maple Spout Coat Rack

Made from maple in New Hampshire and antique maple spouts, you can find these clever coat racks at stores in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. 

Sugar Maple Cutting Board

This cutting board and serving tray is made from salvaged wood in Vermont and emblazoned with a maple leaf. 

Maple Leaf Trivet

This maple leaf trivet is made from Vermont maple and features a carved maple leaf design. A showpiece for any table. 

vermont maple product gifts funny sign

Maple Art for the Addict

This "do you have enough?" wall art is bound to make your maple lover laugh. Can you ever have enough maple syrup? Comes in a sticker and magnet size too.

A Maple Syrup Pitcher

A gift from Bennington Potter is a practical showpiece for the kitchenista. This perfect pitcher is no exception. Another good choice is this maple pitcher from the Shelburne Country Store with a maple leaf design.


vermont maple product gifts neckalce

Maple Jewelry

This sweet and delicate maple leaf necklace from Danforth Pewter is adorned with a red Swarovski crystal.

Maple Leaf Wine Stopper

Grab this maple leaf wine stopper with a bottle of Fox Hill Maple wine. Available in autumn red and solid pewter.

Maple Leaf Wine Glass Markers

As we being to mingle again, you don't want to mix up your wine glass. These maple markers are made by Danforth Pewter.

Maple Leaf Cookie Cutter

How can you even make maple cookies without a maple cookie cutter? A definite treat for the baker in your life.

This list of maple product gifts was curated by Snow Farm Vineyard in South Hero, Vermont where we make our own maple syrup, wine, and even maple wine! Visit our tasting room to unwind from the daily grind or shop online.

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