Grand Isle,Vermont

Grand Isle is the biggest island in the Champlain Islands. This island consists of two different towns. Grand Isle, which holds the same name as the big Island, and South Hero, a notable historic reference to the Green Mountain Boys who were instrumental during the American Revolution. Grand Isle holds much history and legend including the Lake Monster Champ, Revolutionary War history, and spirited agricultural lands that reflect the hard work and stewardship farmers still have great influence and passion for today. Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys included Grand Isle in the Champlain Islands in their territory as Vermont gained its independence from New York. 

Grand Isle Vermont Map     Map of Grand Isle Vermont - Photo Credit, Google Images

Vermont officially gained its independence as a state in 1777 from the British provinces of New York and New Hampshire. Vermont operated as the Vermont Republic for 14 years, after which Vermont was admitted as the 14th state of the United States. All of which Grand Isle was a part of!

Aerial View of Grand Isle VermontAerial View of Grand Isle Vermont - Photo Credit: Dominic Pellegrino

The big island measuring 14 miles long and 3 miles wide is officially known as South Hero Island but is also frequently referred to as Grand Isle. Originally the town of Grand Isle, which is the Northern town on the Island, was called "Middle Hero."  The name was changed officially to Grand isle in November 1810. 

Grand Isle Views from Snow Farm VineyardSnow Farm Vineyard is a Great Place to Take in the Grand Isle Views

Grand Isle, Vermont is home to many and a great place to visit.  It is a place where quitting time is sunset, a handshake is a contract, and a phonebook will always double as a booster seat. There is lots of history and innovations on Vermont's largest Island, Grand Isle, Vermont. 

Visit the Vineyard! We're always up for chatting about our local environs and great things to do in Grand Isle, VT!

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