Notes From the Vine

By Cassandra Martin - November 30 2023
How to Wrap a Wine Bottle in 3 Creative Ways

One of the most frustrating chores can be wrapping oddly shaped gifts, like wine bottles! We're...

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Enjoy the Taste of the Vineyard at Home!

Bring home the delight that comes with our hand-crafted Vermont wines.

By Cassandra Martin - November 30 2023
Holiday Wine Punch with Port & Sparkling Wine
By Cassandra Martin - November 28 2023
10 Holiday Wine Gifts for The Wine Lover
By Cassandra Martin - November 27 2023
A Holiday Dessert Recipe From Our Family Vineyard
By Cassandra Martin - November 15 2023
Wines for Thanksgiving
By Cassandra Martin - November 6 2023
Cayuga White Grape Jelly Recipe
By Cassandra Martin - October 27 2023
How Maple Liqueur is Made
By Cassandra Martin - October 26 2023
Our Favorite Vermont Foods & Classic Recipes
By Cassandra Martin - September 29 2023
What is Grappa? The Italian Classic, Vermont-Style
By Cassandra Martin - September 29 2023
Fall Sangria with Grappa, A Delicious Twist on a Classic Drink
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