Notes From the Vine

By Nick Lane - August 6 2021
Great Things to Do in South Hero, VT - Find the Castles!

Fairies have come alive in the imaginations of children for generations and continue to be popular...

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Enjoy the Taste of the Vineyard at Home!

Bring home the delight that comes with our hand-crafted Vermont wines.

By Nick Lane - July 30 2021
Home Winemaking 101: Setting up a Backyard Vineyard
By Cassandra Martin - July 27 2021
Why Low-Calorie Wines Are Kind of a Marketing Gimmick
By Nick Lane - July 24 2021
Camping Near Burlington Vermont
By Nick Lane - July 19 2021
Lake Champlain Islands: Day Trip Ideas
By Cassandra Martin - July 17 2021
Self-Guided Snow Farm Vineyard Walking Tour
By Nick Lane - June 25 2021
Planning a Visit to Vermont? Explore a Vineyard & Winery
By Nick Lane - June 21 2021
5 Reasons to Buy Local Wine in Vermont
By Nick Lane - June 13 2021
Vermont Running Trails and Races in the Champlain Islands
By Cassandra Martin - May 28 2021
Experience a Wine Tasting in Vermont

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